Ryobi One+ 5" Random Orbit Sander

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Ryobi 18v One+ 5" Random Orbit Sander
Ryobi Cordless Sander

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Initial Thoughts
When I opened the box and looked at it, I thought, man this thing is tall. It stands around 6 3/4" which in reality its only about a 1/2" taller than any other RO in its class. I think the small vertical footprint threw me off. Most sanders are longer than they are tall. This holds a great advantage. you can remove the dust bag and get into some tight places if need be!
It's cordless! This is my only battery operated RO sander. I feel like I reach for it more frequently simply because I don't have to fight a power cord. It has very good dust collection and is remarkably quiet. It takes up very little real estate so you can fit into tight places with it.
I can think of two potential drawbacks
1. If your sanding a small piece and holding both the sander and the piece... the extra battery weight becomes noticeable. I usually just slap in the smallest 18v and power through it.
2. It is a single speed.... which I don't really know why I care, I've literally never changed the speed on any of the other sanders from MAX speed haha! But I guess I like options! It's truly a non-issue but I wanted to point out the two issues I see.
Rating Rundown
Quality - I've run this sucker through the motions and its held up
Functionality - Battery operated is a huge + but that single speed (really a non-issue) knocked it down a star
Price - It's literally so inexpensive it is foolish to not have it in your tool inventory
Durability - Same as the quality, its taken a beating and keeps working. Zero issues to report after a year of abuse
Features - It has a simple large on/off switch built in dust extraction with an included bag. However the bag doesn't mention the micron capture. If you're sanding with a fine grit most of that dust (the dangerous size) is passing right through it. You could hook up a vac with a HEPA filter however you would then lose the cordless versatility. Solution... wear a dust mask like you should be anyways haha!
Bottom Line
The unit is rock solid... I've dropped it, kicked, stepped on.... its taken my abuse. There are people that baby their tools, treat them like they're glass. I am not one of those! I take care of my equipment, but it gets used in a real world environment. Stuff happens!
So for the price it is a solid performer. It is not something you resurface a deck with but final touch ups, small work, signs, scuffing and distressing... its perfect for that. It is important to understand, people review tools, put them in other classes or have an expectation it is more than what it was engineered for. This sander is perfect for small jobs on a flat surface where the material is holding the weight. If you are going to sand one of those little hearts I make... yeah this isn't the right tool for that! But if you're going to distress some paint on a sign, clean up some sloppy cuts or smooth out your furniture build... its perfect!
The price is really the biggest point to consider. It's solid, it performs and it costs next to nothing. You can't ask for much more.

**I have been provided with this product from Ryobi in exchange for my honest opinion. My opinion is my own regardless of free product or any compensation **
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