Revealed Grain

Revealed grain is a variant of an ancient Japanese finishing technique called "Sho Sugi Ban". There have been some folks claiming they developed the process, unless they're like a 700 year old Japanese man, I don't exactly understand why they would make claims. I stumbled upon the technique, most likely the same way they did, trying to create Sho Sugi Ban.

I spotted some colored varieties on Pinterest and wanted to give it a shot. I did no prior research and just powered forward setting wood on fire. You're supposed to pour water on the ash and then apply an oil to seal it. I touched the red hot ash burned my hand and dropped the piece on the ground damaging the ash. I decided to just brush the ash off and try again.

To my astonishment when the ash was removed, I saw barn wood! I started working with it, applying paint, setting it on fire again and eventually sending the piece to my friend Sam from to check out. So if you are wondering… Who has the first piece of Revealed Grain wood you ever created?? It's Sam lol 

The first Revealed Grain tutorial 

This is the first video tutorial I ever created. Since it's inception I've revised and perfected the process. I hope to have a new one made soon! Check it out, its great starting point and will certainly get the job done! 

There is beauty and we reveal it 

This will be the written tutorial on revealed grain including a list of resources that helped me develop the process. I apologize for going live without all this stuff done but I needed to get the site up ASAP! Check back often!

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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
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