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Microjig GRR-Ripper
Safety Matt KeddieMatt Keddie April 26, 2018 540
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Initial Thoughts
I'm not sure where I first saw the Grr-Ripper but it seemed like a very practical safety measure that could help prevent any sawing mishap. I had just purchased a new table saw and felt like this could be a great addition.
Durable construction | Varying heights and widths | Added elements of safety
Limited foot length | Grip surface collects dust rapidly and loses traction
Rating Rundown
It's really well made and thought out; the design has some limitations which will eventually require you to buy either a second GRR-Ripper or some of the "Not Included" accessories. They sell a complete package that has two GRR-Rippers (which you will ultimately need) but the price tag is quite hefty at $279.99!!

The grip can become potentially dangerous if you inadvertently place it upside down for a few days and let it collect a bunch of fine airborne dust particulates! I want to make a rip and the rubber grip didn't "bite" it was an easy fix, wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol but it's something to keep in mind. As with any tool or proper maintenance is critical for proper performance and the GRR-Ripper is no different.
Bottom Line
Now that I have one, I try to use it often, but it's limited to small stock.

My fingers are pretty valuable to me so if I ever have a some spare cash and all the other shop needs are filled I think I would definitely pick up the combo complete package.

Keep the limitations in mind, if you run small stock though your saw this will work great. If you can't justify the price tag, a good push stick and a feather board is a tried and true practice.
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