Resin Molds and Website Work

Ugly Resin Casting It doesn't look good :(

​I began work on a few resin / walnut chunky hearts. I had an interesting piece of walnut break off a log I was Turbo Planing yesterday. I cast them in Stone Coat Countertop's Casting Resin along with some of their pigments last night after the Ray Lamontange show. This morning I popped them out of the soap mold and it was still soft so I figured I'd wait another 24 hours before working it. 

"I'm totally going to start selling stuff again"

- matt keddie july 4 2018

​Bunch of website dev took up the rest of the day. 

Cool new features include:

  • My Tools  - list of the primary tools I use frequently
  • Keddie Woodshop Store - It's up but I don't have anything to sell! 
  • Shop Journal - An ongoing journal of the days events in the shop
  • Fixed some bugs | Broken links | Complied a to-do list

First Peak at the Store

​There's the store haha! Kinda crumby right?! Empty shelfs, old products.... who the heck wants to shop here?? 

Chunky Heart Resin Cast

​So there's two different pours. I stuck a bunch of scrap in to see what it would look like. Experiments!! Its science yo! 

Instagram Post 

​This thing... haha I was looking for tool pics for the site, stumbled upon it and figured what the heck its something. Oddly a lot of people saved it lol! I gave it to Brian Taylor of Unpolished Timbers, I think I autographed it. 

DIY Wedding Cake Knife
My Tools for Woodworking


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Tuesday, 25 June 2019
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