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Incredible Solutions has a questionable marketing approach.
During my brand research, I kept seeing a site called www.epoxycountertopdiy.com which offered epoxy resin reviews in the search results. I ended up clicking and noticed a few brands I'm familiar with in the review section. They were basic reviews, not a whole lot of info given, but they used clever ways to dissuade, pointing out issues literally present in every single resin, however not a single issue like that is mentioned in their own product review.

As I dug deeper I was able to confirm using a whois domain search that Incrediblesolutionsonline.com and Epoxycountertopdiy.com domains were registered two days apart and reside on the same Registrar WHOIS Server | with domain privacy (a third party becomes the point of contact for the domain name so the identity of the individual or entity is concealed) with a registered PO Box in Panama. The nameservers (location of the site) point to two different hosting accounts. 

On the surface you can see they are sister sites, sharing the same images and information. The review site also has affiliate links pointing back to Amazon for their own products as well as their competitors. 

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I am not a fan of misleading advertising campaigns. It appears they generated a resin review site to endorse their products and downplay competition. I reached out of a bit of clarification but received no response.
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