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FGCI offers a lot of different Epoxy based products. The site is a bit of a challenge to navigate, they lack a bit with a social presence but the prices are less than many brands with similar offerings.

I did note the brands offered on Amazon have different labels than the ones pictured on the site. I'd assume its rebranding and the site hasn't been updated yet. 

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Fiberglass Coatings have crazy amount of resins and related products... like 185 of them! The site is a bit hard to navigate and the amount of options can be a bit confusing. It took some time to dissect and decide what products are suitable for a woodworking application. There isn't any real designation of what the applications are unless you click on each product and read the description... with 185 of them it took a while haha!

The prices are a bit lower than other brands with similar offerings which is appealing. The range of options covers many project needs but they have very few Amazon reviews. They are responsive on the Amazon Q&A fielding questions with straight and to the point responses.

I certainly want to trial the products, the value could potentially open up the door for some more creative projects that were cost restrictive with other brands.
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