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Angel Craft doesn't appear to be an actual manufacturer but rather a re-distributor of resin from another source.  White label branding is not uncommon, think generic brands, one company mass produces the product and it then is rebranded and distributed under a different brand label.

 Unfortunately I could not locate any social channels, safety data sheets or any other pertinent information regarding the resin on their site. 

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Lack of information and price increases
(Updated: April 18, 2019)
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Angel Craft has one resin product available.. in one size for at an unaffordable price.

I was unable to locate information regarding the use of their product. Consumers would need to sort through the Q&A section on Amazon to get any useful input, that which was furnished mainly by peers rather than the seller.

Their website appears to be a marketing site aiming to take products and promote them across many platforms focused on marketplace advantage, customer loyalty and brand positioning.
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