Epoxy Resin Color Basics

Resin Color Basics

​Epoxy resin is quickly becoming a really unique and creative outlet for woodworkers to accentuate their work. You can literally cast almost anything into the resin, fill voids, create an impervious surface... the list goes on!

For this tutorial I used a brand new pigment type and company I never tried before. This was literally the first attempt with it and I had no prior experience or knowledge on how to use it. The real key to a successful cast comes from the quality of pigment you're using. A couple years ago I was using metallic acrylic paints, which were cool don't get me wrong, but it left me wanting for more.

I stumbled upon Black Diamond on instagram @blackdiamondpigments_com there were some really amazing user projects on their site so I figured I'd give it a shot! Needless to say after this first pour I am obsessed!  I now can create so much more depth and fluidity in my work. Its just a completely different element and I hope this tutorial gets you on the path for some really cool pours! 

(Side Note: The two pictures are the same exact project kinda crazy right!?! The cool thing about Black Diamond Mica, the purple is iridescent! So in artificial light, it has that cool bluish planet earth look, but if if you take a picture during the golden hour (more about golden hour photography) the amazing purple hues reveal themselves! ) 

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Guest - Ana Price on Tuesday, 08 May 2018 02:55

This is a great tutorial! Never thought to use clear to stop them blending!

This is a great tutorial! Never thought to use clear to stop them blending!
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Wednesday, 03 June 2020
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