DIY Wedding Cake Knife

DIY Wedding Cake Knife Curly Maple Handle | Full Tang Walnut Blade

My cousin is getting married in November and I wanted to make something a bit unique and sentimental for her. I saw Jon's work over at the The Jawn Shop and thought, wow a wedding cake knife?! That's it thats what I am going to make her. So I reached out to him, asked for run down on what to do and the tips he shared are in the video! 

Check out the Video Tutorial!!

Items Needed

  • ​1/4" Walnut stock 14"x 3"
  • 1/4" Curly Maple Stock 4"x4"
  • Scroll Saw
  • Spindle Sander
  • Belt Sander
  • Bee's Wax & Mineral Oil
  • Sand Paper
  • Wood Super Glue

You can download the template here. I simply drew the knife shape onto some 1/4" plywood so I would have a hard template if I ever decided to make another one of these again.

Cut your template out using the scroll saw. Make sure you make good lines, this will be your guide going forward 

​Trace the scales (handle) onto your 1/4" curly maple stock and the knife onto the 1/4" walnut stock

Cut out your scales and the knife blade. Make sure you do not cut on the line give yourself 1/8" buffer for fitting purposes. Nothing has to be perfect we fix that sanding just don't cut it too small!!! Bigger is better!

The part of the scale that will be at the beginning of the blade, we need to clean this part up first so dry fit them on the blade draw a line on the reverse of the grain side you want marking where it will be then reverse it so that you will see the line to sand. line up the two scale and double side tape them together. This step is critical and also the hardest, it's not even bad! Just spindle sand to the line!

You can see the pencil line I drew during the pervious step. Just sand exactly to the line based off the original template and you"ll be fine. Not too bad right!? 

​Now that the hard part is over... Double side tape the scales to the blade. Fit them well and uniform in the front. Once you do this final shaping if they're off, they will always be off

Using your spindle sander sand the scales and the blade so its all uniform and fits well in your hand. 

Using your palm router fixed with a round over bit. Double side tape your scales together and round over the edges. I double side tape them to the bench so they don't move. 

Apply some Dap Rapid Fuse super glue and attach your scales!

Sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand sand and sand some more! Finish around 320 grit

Using your belt sander turned upside down shape the bevel of your blade. Practice first, it takes a bit of finesse 

Apply several coats of Bee's Wax and Mineral oil, buff to a high luster and you're done!! 

Woodmizer and Coasters
Resin Molds and Website Work


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Sunday, 17 November 2019
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