Revealed Grain Hearts

Revealed Grain Hearts
​Revealed Grain.... a filthy finish that makes pine look less like...pine There's a ton people out there using this finish, creating videos, tutorials and running legit businesses off a technique I accidentally happened upon when I was attempting to create some Shou Sugi Ban. Around the exact same time, Chris of @bigreds_og_woodgrain...
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Creating Cool Resin Accents

DIY Epoxy Resin Heart
Here's a super easy project that Jessica and I whipped up that has potential to really add some exciting elements to your next resin project! You can easily create templates and create an array of different patterns with simple set of spade bits! Links to Materials Needed Spade Bits * Measuring Cups  * Total Boat 2:1 Epoxy Resin (use promo cod...
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Advanced Epoxy Resin Coloring

Galaxy Sasqatch
​This video tutorial will explain a technique I've been toying with to create some dazzling effects! You essentially mix dry metallic pigments into resin nearing its gel point then add a solvent (isopropyl alcohol) The metallics begin to "sizzle" and you get a super crazy effect. You can also add the solvent to colors already blended and creat...
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Surviving Winter | With Wet Firewood

Surviving Winter with wet Firewood
I live in the backwoods of Southwestern Pennsylvania, it's basically a rural village the rest of the world forgot.  Modern commodities like water, gas and sewage...  we don't have those luxuries.  Instead some of us collect rain water (me) others have wells. We do have indoor plumbing, electric...
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DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments
​Christmas is fast upon us!  I've been trying to come up with some original gift ideas and the first installment is these babies! They're relatively simple to make, plenty of variation to give you some ideas and best of all... you can make them in an afternoon!  The tutorial is listed below the pictures! Enjoy!   ...
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Elysian Cabinet

Elysian Cabinet - Keddie Woodshop
Who doesn't need more storage?!  This awesome little cabinet features two shelves capable of holding pretty much anything you can jam in there plus it can be finished in a variety of styles and will match  in any living space!  ​The video tutorial showcases the assembly but if you're looking for something mor...
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Stanley No. 299 Utility Knife

Stanley No 299 Utility Knife
​Theres always a tool you grab first, you might have a few models, but there's always your goto. When it comes to utility knives the Stanley No. 299 is mine. Sure, it's a fixed blades and lacerated my fingers, pockets and ass so many times I lost track... but it's a simple, tested design that can't be improved.  Simple Design | ...
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What Resin Should I Use?

Choosing the Right Epoxy Resin
Now that we have a better understanding of all the different types or resin out there. Let's make informed decision on which one will best suit our project!  Resin Tables | Deep Pours Top Coat | Finishes Resin Art | Dirty Pours Wood Repair | Surface Prep Resin tables use the contours of a live edge to mimic the gentle flow of a river. The...
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Everything you need to know about epoxy resin in woodworking

Everything You Need To Know About Epoxy Resin in Woodworking
Epoxy resin has a ton of different applications in woodworking making it one of the most versatile products in a makers arsenal! Unfortunately that versatility comes with an absurd amount of confusing factors to consider. This section should help you become a bit more comfortable when you're planning a project that may include resin. So lets d...
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Replacing the Belt on a Dewalt 735 Planer

Dewalt DW735 Belt How to Replace the DEWALT DW735 Belt
The Dewalt DW735 13" Thickness Planer belt replacement is an easy task. I did a bit of research seeing if there was a simple and effective means. Oddly there wasn't a whole lot of content so perhaps a belt change isn't a common issue on this planer.  Part Needed Dewalt OEM V-Belt  Part Number 5140010-28 I purchased mine fro...
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DIY Epoxy Resin Halloween Coffin

DIY Halloween Resin Coiffin
Here's a fun and spooky Halloween project that's super easy to do! You'll learn how to create depth and texture below the surface then how to cast objects and immerse them in a iridescent fog! Sounds wicked right!?!? Materials Needed * Affiliate Link ​ Resin Bat & Ghost Mold Mold Release Melamine Board Chunk of Wood Resin Pigments Arm-R-Seal Wa...
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Victoria the Zombie

​When I was a little kid, I remember seeing those old Victorian Silhouettes. My mum would drag my sister and I to these antique shops and they were always hanging on the walls... creeping me out. I used to think they were like the shadow or ghost of a person. I honestly thought they were halloween decorations. As I was getting some i...
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Built-in Designs

IMG_20180806_17293_20180807-212446_1 Sun Room makeover Coming Soon!
I finally got around to cleaning the shop and I am ready to start working on a new line/series/project/ect. It's going to be built in furniture and decor starting in my sunroom and working my way through the house. I haven't come up with a name yet, but Adam of LazyguyDIY suggested Homewrecking with Matt.... I want to take a differen...
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Shingling Roofs and Carving Shelves

Keddie Woodshop
​I turned 36 on Thursday, I can't really believe it. 20 years ago a driver's license is all I could think about, now its more like "Fuck I hate driving"  "I want to build a new shop" and "I want to be a maker full-time". I guess your priorities change but the "wants" are always there.  I keep finding myself thinking about t...
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KEDDIE WOODSHOP How to make a Man's Shelf
Alright, so I set out to make a shelf so rugged, so manly it could share space in a the cave of a grizzly bear. When you're designing the manliest shelf, it must be carved from a solid block of wood. The lumber I used is Ash, to go a step further, this particular slab was from a tree I cut down a couple years ago and the bulk of it heated my house ...
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DIY Drink Coasters and Holder

DIY Coasters and Holder
Here is a really easy project using just a table saw and a cross cut sled to create some really simple coasters and a holder. I used walnut for the holder and some pitch pocket cherry (gummy cherry) for the coasters.   Tools and Items Needed Tablesaw Crosscut Sled Router (optional) Sander 

Woodmizer and Coasters

Wood coasters Wood Coasters and Woodmizers
​Saturday morning, my uncle and I began milling more logs from the ash we felled three years ago. He wanted a few 6"x6"x16' beams for a restoration project and I will be the first to say.... that shit is heavy AF!  Luckily Shannon stopped by to offer a hand, having a third person when milling really helps out. My uncle operated ...
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DIY Wedding Cake Knife

DIY Wedding Cake Knife Curly Maple Handle | Full Tang Walnut Blade
My cousin is getting married in November and I wanted to make something a bit unique and sentimental for her. I saw Jon's work over at the The Jawn Shop  and thought, wow a wedding cake knife?! That's it thats what I am going to make her. So I reached out to him, asked for run down on what to do and the tips he shared are in the video!  C...
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Resin Molds and Website Work

Ugly Resin Casting It doesn't look good :(
​I began work on a few resin / walnut chunky hearts. I had an interesting piece of walnut break off a log I was Turbo Planing yesterday. I cast them in Stone Coat Countertop's Casting Resin along with some of their pigments last night after the Ray Lamontange show. This morning I popped them out of the soap mold and it was ...
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My Tools for Woodworking

My Tools
​I've gotten quite a few questions about what tools I use and recommend. I wanted to create a list of the core tools and equipment I use daily. Keep in mind, there's a ton of quality equipment out there, some fits right into our budget, while others... we can dream right?!  A lot of makers will tell you  "Buy the best " or "Save...
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