About Me

About Me
My name is Matt, I started "woodworking" at a young age. I made a CD rack in my grandfather's garage and felt I was totally ready to build a desk upon finishing. To this day I've yet to build that desk! Instead as a kid I got really good at pounding nails into trees and building shacks. As time went on life started happening and I began pursuing other adventures.​ 

In the fall of 2012, I sort of realized I was pretty much living like a caveman and decided to furnish the house. At that time I had a lot of encouragement from those around me and Keddie Woodshop was born. Right away I was overrun with orders, missing deadlines, budgets, but happy customers! It went from an enjoyable hobby to a pain in the ass pretty much overnight.

If you are a new or experienced maker, the peaks and valleys are a killer. When it's slow you begin questioning your craft. You think, is it slow because my work isn't good enough? The short answer is no, in those valleys I would hone my skills. A couple hours a day I'd work on my joinery, read some material, look things up online. In the purest form I am self-taught. My grandfather always said "Experience is a measure of the mistakes a man has made" I take that to heart and think about it almost every day.​

"Experience is a measure of the mistakes a man has made"

Vincent Keddie
At some point the idea popped into my head to start a blog. However I have literally no formal writing experience. I never went to college and high school was in the 90's. You could just go online and download a report on any topic! Yeah sorry mom… I actually can't English either! So with a bit of luck you can sift through the fragmented sentences, grammatical errors and ramblings and gather a few traces of useable content!

I love my dog! 

​That's my dog Ruff! He might be the most affectionate pup ever! You'll likely see him in a lot of the posts, forever is he photobombing, getting in the way or just randomly appearing out of nowhere! 

I'm taking art classes!

I am very envious of those who have great artistic talents. I always wished I could paint, and clearly I've got a long way to go but it is a step toward my goal!

My first Instagram post! 

​Prior to creating the Keddie Woodshop insta, I had a private account and there is the post that started it all haha! 

Revealed Grain


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Saturday, 16 February 2019
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