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Grr-Ripper Review
Grr-Ripper Review

Review Criteria Breakdown

Sometimes it's hard to sort through sponsored reviews. Full disclosure I do have sponsorship, however I was a consumer before an influencer so the reviews are based off my consumer opinion. I don't see a point pushing a product if I don't use it. My reviews are and always will be "Should I pull the trigger and buy this"

For some reason price comes to mind when i think of quality. When I purchase a tool I think about the quality and price isn't the only factor. In reality I am comparing it to the others in its class based off the cost. So cost+value=Quality in my book
Function is a critical focus point on any tool purchase. Does it serve its purpose and do so effectively? Is it a one trick pony or can it serve many purposes?
Do I feel the price was worth it? It's not my nature to waste money on things impractical so does it do its purpose at a reasonable price?
My favorite! I beat the !@$% out of my tools and equipment. This will be a rating of how it withstands the abuse I can throw at it.
What makes it cool? What does it do and can it be applied to different applications? Similar to functionality but focused more on the bells and whistles they built in.
Ease of Use
Was it easy to setup and use? I don't want something thats overly complicated. Simple as can be!